Between the New Years resolutions of "I'm going to exercise more", the Australian Open tennis tournament and the myriad of other sports on the television I got to thinking.  What's the best jewelry to wear when working out.  You just spent all your Christmas money on great outfits to work out in.  What are you going to adorn them with.  Fitness magazine recently had a "blurb" on it.  They concentrated on watches.  This makes sense with the heart rate monitors, step counters and all around fitness bands out there it deserve a look at by a fitness magazine.  However we are about the looking pretty (and sometimes functional) side of jewelry.  Citizen Watch Co. has some magnificent watches that have the silicon band so sweat (with in reason) is OK.  Plus they have a really cool golf watch for those of you that are anxiously awaiting the snow to thaw.

As for the rest of the adornment, I truely believe smaller is better.  Remember when picking the necklace, if the charm and or loose chain is long enough to go over your chin it is too long.  A split chain forever diamond necklace by Gabriel & Co. 16-17" in length is a good perfect.  When choosing earrings I would go with studs or huggie hoops.  If you like the dangle look stiff earrings are better then loose and flowing.  It would be extremely painful to have it ripped out.

Getting fit is a great New Years Resolution.  Picking the best jewelry to fith the workout is a better one.Citizen-sting ray watch 10846267_757369350999185_7308074551122838893_n