Hand engraving is most definitely becoming one of those lost arts. It is hard to find a truly skilled hand engraver. Look no farther.  Lbartisanengraving is here.  Historically hand engraving goes back as far as any form of recorded history. How do you think the etchings got on the walls of those caves in Africa or right here in the United States? They were put there very painstakingly by a skilled person with a sharp object and a "workable" surface. The art of jewelry making truly benefited from the skills of hand engravers.  Have you looked at any estate jewelry lately. Guaranteed there are cameo's in there.  That was done by a talented hand engraver.  The machine age has effected the hand engraving industry just as dramatically as the jewelry industry. Much of what was done by hand is now done by machines.  Some hand engravers have laser engravers as well.  This offers you more options as the customer.  However, the true art of hand engraving will always remain the best alternative because it is this art that can not be replicated.  To watch a jeweler take a piece of wax and create a beautifully crafted engagement ring from it is exciting and fun to watch.  To witness a hand engraver taking an image he or she has created on a piece of paper and work it into the same gold ring to add just that little extra touch, is equally if not that much more exciting.

Things have evolved since then, obviously. Modern hand engraving is not done quite the way it used to be.  With laser engravers, the artist can scan your exact wedding invitation and transpose it to a crystal vase or practically any other surface depending on the strength of the engraving machine. How about laser engraving a chess board for that avid player, or maybe your new born niece an engraved cross for her christening.  Those added touches show you went out of your way.  We now have a hand engraver here twice a week. Check out Lbartisanengraving on facebook. As always stop out and take a look what we have here.  The ideas are limitless.


Hand Engraved Sterling Silver Pendant #handengraving #lbartisanengraving


Wooden Chess Board laser engraved #laserengraving #lbartisanengraving


Hand Engraved 14 Karat White Engagement Ring w/European Shank. Love the added touch of engraving on the top #handengraving #lbartisanengraving


Perfect Mother's Day Gift Sterling Silver engraved rings on split chain. #mothersdaygifts #handengraving #lbartisanengraving